Meditation & Yoga Center

for Individual or Group Retreats



Welcome to our family meditation center, where we will take care of you during your group or solitary retreat.
This magical and quiet place is situated in the very heart of authentic Mexico (Chiapas) at an altitude of 2200m above the sea. We are surrounded by forests, valleys and mountains.
Our deepest aspiration is to share the ancient spiritual teachings in a loving family atmosphere...and to offer you a space, support and all the necessary conditions for deep inner transformation and for revealing your True Nature.

Welcome to Hridaya Family!

(in English)

Bienvenidos a Hridaya Family!

(en Español)

  Here you will enjoy:
  • a quiet, peaceful atmosphere
  • family care and spiritual support
  • a balanced climate the whole year:(18-25C during the day, 5-14C at night). 
  • variety of local fruits/vegetables and healhy delicious food
  • safety (no dangerous mosquitos/animals, and clean water)
  • beautiful walking tracks in the forest
  • daily Hridaya yoga and meditation sessions
  • spacious meditation hall with panoramic view
  • the healing fresh air of the mountains and pine forest
*(for solitary/dark room retreats an individual diet or a detox program are available)

Who am I?



A magical place surrounded by nature and silence! I have chosen the 10-day Silent Meditation Retreat and it was one of my very special and important experiences to gain ... to reconnect more with my heart and to gain more knowledge about the mind. All the members of the retreat met me with so much unconditional love and most of the time "without using words" :) I am infinitely grateful for this ALL and would do it again and again!


I'm feeling really greatful. It was just the most beautiful thing i've ever done for myself. I discovered the secret power of silence and all the beauty it can offer. I discovered yoga and many tools to calm my thoughts, anxiety, ego. Thank you for the beautiful lectures, and all the love you put everywhere in the center


Had the best first experience on a silent retreat! Teachings and practice are balanced. Sasha and her family are super sweet and lovely. The food is amaaaaazing and the place is a quiet mountain paradise. Can't wait to come back!!!


...It was challenging and painful, but also spectacularly beautiful.
What made this experience bearable on the toughest of days were Sasha and the family of volunteers who assisted me and the rest of the participants on this extraordinary path. Hers and teacher's radiant smiles and words of encouragement sustained emotionally when traveling in the darkest recesses of our minds. And the tireless dedication of volunteers allowed us to focus on the inner work while all of our physical needs, no matter how mundane or unusual, were met with humble grace.
If for whatever reason, you hear the call to go on this journey, do not hesitate to entrust yourself to Sasha and the beautiful Hridaya Family she created in Chiapas.


Staying in the sincere, warm and healing aura of this beautiful family I felt myself truly at home.

I was surrounded by gentle care and love of their open hearts, which sometimes is so utterly needed, especially in the crucial moments of life. I am so grateful that I found them who filled up my life with the light of their loving kindness and wisdom..



This was the perfect experience for my first 10 day silent meditation retreat! I loved the location and being surrounded by trees during the so I could relax and reflect in nature between the sessions. The teachers, retreat format, philosophy and food were all amazing. I definitely learned a lot about my self and would love to return to a retreat with Hridaya in the future!



Yoga of the Spiritual Heart

“Hridaya means Heart. Hridaya Yoga is the yoga of the sweetness of the Heart. It is the Heart of Yoga.”

Hridaya Meditation is based on the Indian tradition of Advaita Vedanta, as taught by the great 20th-century sage Ramana Maharshi and now shared by my teacher Sahajananda, one of the leading meditation teachers in the world. This method is a very profound and yet, very simple: it points directly to the Truth in many different ways so everyone can find the path which best suits him/her.

The teachings present traditional and ancient spiritual principles in accessible and clear way. They invite you to the inner Silence, to the divine essence of your being and, yet, you are not asked to deny the outer world: on the contrary, you are invited to celebrate all the expressions of life as manifestation of the Divine.

You learn how to see the Divine in everything, you reveal your nature of awareness and spaciousness, and this brings freedom and peace, love and acceptance.

terrace meditation center san cristobal
Enjoy nature, simplicity and comfort... as well as delicious healthy food


The Main House is made of mostly Natural Materials: wood and bricks. It has a Spacious Meditation hall of 100m2 with a wooden floor and lots of huge windows from where you can enjoy a Panoramic Peaceful View over the valley and forest.

In the same building there is a Kitchen and Dining Room in a traditional Mexican style, as well as 3 shared Bathrooms, 3 small dorms (for max. 2 pers. in each) and 2 spacious twin Rooms with private terrace.

There are large Terraces, both covered and opened, where you can relax and Enjoy Nature.

There are also some Private Cabins (Cabañas) for those who wish stay on site but more isolated. Some cabins are equipped in order to have a Possibility to cook your own food and have a terrace with a view over the valley.

There are also Hammocks on the territory as well as some Beautiful Spots where you can meditate alone.

On site there is also a Garden where we grow Organic Veggies and Fruits.



"Your own Self realization is the greatest gift
you can render to the world".

~ Sri Ramana Maharshi

13/04/2022- 18/04/2022

Retiro Hridaya de Meditación en Silencio de 4 dias

(en Español)

Precio del Curso



21/04/2022- 02/05/2022

10-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat 
(in English) 

Course Fee

350 USD

(+15% discount )


Personal Solitary / Dark Room Retreats
(min. 3 nights)

Individual Guidance


Accomodation: 19-32 USD/ night
2 Meals/day: 13 USD