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Hridaya Family​

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Welcome to our family meditation center, where we will take care of you during your group or solitary retreat.


This magical and quiet place is situated in the very heart of authentic Mexico (Chiapas) at an altitude of 2200m above sea level. We are surrounded by forests, valleys, and mountains.

Our deepest aspiration is to share the ancient spiritual teachings in a loving family atmosphere...and to offer you a space, support, and all the necessary conditions for deep inner transformation and for revealing your True Nature.

Our Retreats

Hridaya Family​
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10-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat

The retreat was specifically created by Hridaya Yoga founder, Sahajananda, to guide people in coming to an intimate understanding of what Self-Enquiry meditation is in order to experience the inner transformation that it brings.

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Conscious Relationship Retreat

This workshop is aimed to explore all these questions and provide practical tools (techniques, meditations, etc.) for building a harmonious and profound relationship. It is an opportunity to understand and overcome limiting patterns and old conditioning...and therefore to relax, open up and start building a relationship based on Trust and unconditional Love.

Enlightening the Unconscious Retreat

This retreat is dedicated to the practice of transmuting pain and suffering into embodied awareness and presence. This shift brings harmony, integrity, peace and freedom. All-Embracing Love integrates the refinement and elegance of non-dual tantric teachings with the practical therapeutic tools of modern psychotherapy.

Retiro de Meditacion Hridaya (En Español)

El Retiro Hridaya de meditación en silencio de 3 días es un curso-retiro intensivo de meditación diseñado tanto para aquellos que quieren probar una muestra de lo que sería un retiro de meditación como para quienes no disponen del tiempo suficiente para experimentar un retiro de diez días. ​

30-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat

This 30-day retreat with senior Hridaya teacher Claud is an invitation to deepen your spiritual practice by clarifying your direction—moving from effort to naturalness, resting more in the simplicity of Being, and embracing Self-Inquiry as the potent light of self-introspection that can enable the recognition of what you truly are.


What Our Students Say


A magical place surrounded by nature and silence! I have chosen the 10-day Silent Meditation Retreat and it was one of my very special and important experiences to gain ... to reconnect more with my heart and to gain more knowledge about the mind. All the members of the retreat met me with so much unconditional love and most of the time "without using words" :) I am infinitely grateful for this ALL and would do it again and again!

Hridaya Family​

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