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Personal Solitary Retreat

An Individual Solitary Retreat is a beautiful opportunity to design the retreat on your own "measure". In this way you can choose the practices and schedule which best suit you and which best assist you in Self-Inquiry and in connecting to your True Nature.

We recommend a commitment to Silence for the length of the retreat and Welcome all practices and Traditions to further deepen the inner silence.
Here we try to provide the best conditions for the lowest price possible in order to make ths unique experience available for everybody.

Enjoy comfort, quiteness, long walks in nature and delicious healthy food.

We will be truly happy to host you here and take care of you while you are in your retreat. We will very much support you if you decide to keep noble Silence.


A gift of Solitude

 Being in solitude and in silence is a precious experience which:

  • helps to release stress and regenerate your energies

  • brings a deep peace and quitness of the mind

  • brings a sense of spaciousness and openess

  • helps to find a source of inner stability

  • allows you to realize Who You really Are..beyond social context, personal attachments and limitations

“Silence is the language God speaks and anything else is a bad translation,”

- Thomas Keating 

Solitary retreats include:

  •  Private cabin, private room or dormitory bed (for more details see Accomodation)

  • Three wholesome vegetarian meals per day (optional)

  • Filtered water on tap

  • 24hr retreat support and advice on spiritual practices (optional)

  • Access to the spacious meditation hall with a panoramic view over the pine forests and mountains

  • Access to garden and to long walks in the surrounding forests

  • *Also available are individual guided meditation or yoga classes and one-on-one retreat guidance.

You may choose the option to be completely autonomous and cook your own food during your stay or you can enjoy delicious healthy meals that we offer in our center (for additional fee).

 You decide on the number of days of your retreat: from a minimum of five days up to many months

Contact us for more information

“Happiness is your nature,
effortlessness is your dance,
peace is your fragrance,
love is your perfume.
~ Mooji