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Delicious and healthy Vegan and Vegetarian meals served with love

We offer wholesome vegan and vegetarian meals and desserts, based on the principles of the ancient Indian medicine Ayurveda. It takes into consideration not only psychophysiological type, but also the area where you live, season and time of the day.  All meals are designed by Irina, our in-house nutritionist.

This area is particularly abundant with fruits and vegetables because of the various climate zones in the same region. So in preparation of the meals we use local and seasonal products as well as some delicious fruits (mango, papaya, watermelons, guayabas (guava), guanabanas (soursop), lychees, melons, passion fruit,etc) from the nearby areas of tropical jungle.

Basic menu is vegan, but for those who wish we offer some organic eggs, milk and honey. There is no refined flour, refined sugar, refined oils or trans-fats used in the meals. All food is made and served with love.

*We’re happy to accommodate any special nutritional needs or preferences to make sure you have a delightful and transformational relationship with food during your stay with us.

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