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8-Week Online 
Integration Course

8-Week Online Integration Course

With Kyle & Sasha

Following your experience in the 10-day silent meditation retreat, you may feel deeply inspired and enthusiastic about keeping up the daily practice of meditation. For many people, during the retreat, there is a lot of insight and revelation. However, many questions may come up, as well as fear of losing that intimate connection with the deeper Essence of our being when immersed again into our everyday life. Indeed, it is utterly important to keep alive the fire of the Heart, the consistency of practice, and that longing for the Truth. In that process, it is important to feel supported and guided. Of course, connection to other beings who share the same view, values, and practices is also essential. The Hridaya teachings speak about integrating our daily life into Spirituality and not vice versa. This course is intended to provide the essential tools for learning how to stay connected to the Heart, to the Depth of our being no matter what challenges we face at work, in relationships, and in other moments of our everyday life. We embark together on the beautiful journey of living with an Open Heart and bringing Love and Trust in everything we do.


You Will

Establish a solid daily practice of meditation

Learn to practically apply your meditation practice to your life

Gain a deeper understanding of the Non-Duality teachings

Be supported in your journey by 2 experienced facilitators

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