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5-day Workshop:
Conscious Relationship and Tantra Loving

With Sasha, Asaf & Maria
- December 6-12, 2022
- February 14-20,2022
This workshop is a unique and powerful mixture of:
1) Psycotherapeutic tecniques

(aiming to bring more awareness and healing into love relationships)

2) authentic Tantric teachings on Love & Sexuality

(which inspire deeper passion through cultivation of polar energies and transmutation of these energies into sacred union with the Divine)

3) Spiritual teachings of the Heart (Hridaya) 

(guiding us towards recognizing our Essence as Love, as one Heart... to act, see, think as Love and, eventually, to dissolve into Love)

This Workshop is an invitation to bring awareness and healing to the way we express love, live relationship and relate to sexuality. This 5-day workshop is an opportunity to understand and overcome limiting patterns and old conditioning...and therefore to relax, open up and start building a relationship based on Trust and unconditional Love.

It is a workshop dedicated to Love, Conscious Relationship and Sacred Intimacy


The workshop does not include any nudity or explicit sexuality.

Individuals and couples are both welcome to join. It is useful for both beginning and advanced practitioners.

Пара, держась за руки

Topics Covered in the Workshop

On Love We explore:

how to grow in Love progressing from personal & self-centered love towards Unconditional love and living with an open heart and eventually towards The Divine Love.

On Relationship we will learn:

  • that to connect with others, we first need to connect with ourselves in the intimacy of our being

  • to build a healthy relationship with ourselves, to discover the source of Love within ourselves, and to open our hearts to Life & Love.

  • how and why do we choose our partners

  • how to become aware of and to eventually transcend problematic emotions and patterns,

  • how to see opportunity in differences and crises

  • how to acknowledge and start healing the childhood wounds in the relationship

  • how to perceive our relationships as mirrors

  • how to improve communication with our partners

  • 3 stages of a relationship (according to David Deida)

  • different types of relationships (monogamy, polyamory, etc.)

  • how relationships can be a gateway to the Truth and Love that lie at the very core of your being.

On Sexuality we share:

  • Tips and techniques to harness sexual energy for a deep union.

  • Teachings on tantric lovemaking skills for men and orgasmic opening for women, which help us achieve true intimacy.


Price & Food & Accomodation

Course Fee: 290 USD  

Accommodation per 7 nights:

  • Option #1: a single bed in a dorm (1 bunk bed  - max.2 people per room): 105 USD

  • Option #2: a single bed in a twin room with a shared bathroom and private terrace: 168 USD

  • Option #3: a single bed in a private twin cabin with a private bathroom and terrace: 189 USD

  • Option #4: you may choose to stay off-site and come every day from San Cristobal de Las Casas - 20 min by car 

Meals: 19 USD per day (optional for students sleeping off-site)

“I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found only God.”



The curriculum of this workshop includes numerous psychotherapeutic & healing techniques from various schools and renown authors (H. Hendrix, M. Rosenberg, O. Matveev, D. Schnarch, etc.) as well as traditional sources such as Taoism, Tantra, and Sufism.

Eye-opening lectures, effective methods from Hatha Yoga, and partner meditations create an inspiring and intimate atmosphere.

Join Us and Explore:

  • The fundamental pillars of intimate conscious relationships: Presence, love, authenticity, truthfulness, and vulnerability

  • Self-Inquiry

  • Imago Therapy: based on what subconscious patterns we choose our partners

  • Self-Study & Acceptance & Self-Love as the base of building  a healthy relationship

  • The importance of practicing Openness and Relaxation in life and in relationship

  • Sacredness and transfiguration

  • Willingness and commitment

  • Polarity: Understanding the role of attraction and playfulness

  • Tantra and the importance of preserving sexual energy in intimate relationships

  • Naturalness and connection in lovemaking

  • Handling difficulties in relationships 

  • Different types of relationships: Monogamous, open, polyamorous, and celibate

  • Powerful practical ways to approach your loved ones (and all beings) with an open and discerning heart, which is a naturally loving heart

  • To recognize patterns, fears, and beliefs that block you from true intimacy and discover a deeper space of trust and love beyond all of them

  • The inner attitude necessary to go through challenges in relationships and how to use these difficulties to empower your spiritual practice and bring forth a deeper understanding of yourself and your partner

  • Opening your heart through the joy of loving and admiring the beauty in the one in front of you

  • Healing wounds in relationships and accessing deeper inner stability

  • Different ways to use Love to dissolve the separation between yourself, others, and the source of Life

  • Cultivating Openness and Presence and availability in any situation

You’ll discover that the person closest to you is often the perfect teacher—sharing the same existence, the same love, the same essence. To understand that essence, you need to know and embrace your beloved intimately. But, total transparency and connection are impossible until you know yourself and recognize who you truly are.

You will learn to cultivate relationships and sexuality from a place of unconditional Love; to open deeper, reveling in both personal love and Divine Love. 


The workshop will begin in the morning, so we suggest arriving in San Cristobal de Las Casas the day before the course starts. If you are not staying on-site, please come to the Hridaya Family Center a few minutes before 9:00 am on the first day to complete the registration process.

Morning Sessions: 09:00-13:00 am
Afternoon Sessions: 3:30-7:00 pm

держась за руки

When you start consciously relating to another person in an intimate and vulnerable way, a deeper dimension of your being can begin to awaken and be revealed. As though in a mirror, you start to recognize a reflection of your existence.

In this process, you may begin to wonder:

  • What is a conscious relationship?

  • What is Love?

  • How do I relate to myself?

  • Who am I?

  • Why is it that the closer I get to someone, the more challenging our relationship is?

  • How can I shift from patterns that keep me closed towards openness, love, and intimacy?

  • How can I awaken the most authentic dimension of my being in my relationships?

“Knowing others is intelligence;
knowing yourself is true wisdom. 

― Lao Tzu