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8 Week Integration Course Participant Forum

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This group will serve as our primary communications hub throughout and even after the course.

Here you can ask questions to each other and to the course facilitators, Sasha and Kyle. You are also invited and encouraged to share your insights and challenges, which may be supportive to others and can become material for the live sessions.

You are also invited to simply connect and share with each other. You can use the forum for general conversations and sharing, you can post resources here, for example any YouTube videos or pdfs that feel inspiring and related to the content of the course.

Remember that community is one of the strongest and deepest supports we can have on this journey so your contributions, sharings, responses etc. make a huge difference to the way this course unfolds!

With Love

Kyle and Sasha


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  • January 18, 2023


  • Kyle Brooks (Facilitator)
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