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A Space for Revealing Your True Nature

In this magical and quiet place, situated in the very heart of authentic Mexico and surrounded by forests, valleys and mountains, we invite you to dive deep into Stillness and come back to your True Essence.


We have comfortable cabins, rooms and also a space for Dark Retreats for meditators who are looking for a Quiet, Natural Environment and for an affordable possibility to dive deeper into their own practice.

Through silent Hridaya Yoga Meditation retreats, the practice of Hridaya Hatha Yoga, and living everyday life in Awareness, you re-discover the way back into the Heart and spontaneously open to Love, Joy, Clarity and Gratitude.

This is the path of the

Spiritual Heart – Hridaya.

Our deepest aspiration is to Create Better Conditions for More and More People to Reveal Their True Nature; the Spiritual Heart




Our aspiration was to create a loving space where we welcome you to feel at home, as a part of our family... 

My name is Sasha and together with Kyle and Ricky we are Hridaya Yoga teachers. We are happy to welcome you here and to share the wisdom of authentic spiritual teachings and practices which have changed our lives.

We do our best so that you can feel Safe and taken care of, Relax and dedicate yourself fully to the Practice, emerging into your True Nature, into the Stillness, into the Heart.

Come and join us here.

Our family is here to take care of you during your retreat...

We are an International Family who love Meditation and Inner Silence.

At some point in our life, my family and I felt that we were not yearning anymore for outside distractions. We were free from those ambitions which society often induces in us and we felt that we just wanted to have a simple life in nature, in peace, so we could deepen our  practice and possibly share these gifts of spiritual teachings with others.


So, my family and I built this space working daily ourselves in the construction with little resources but with lots of Trust that this house would serve others on their way to Truth.


We will be happy to have you here as part of our Hridaya family,

 to share love, care, and to support you with spiritual advice or meditation Guidance if needed.



A quiet, beautiful and comfortable space for your solitary retreat or for a group retreat…

It is not easy nowadays to find a Comfortable and Quite Place where you can deeply Rest in Silence and inquire into the depth of your own Being

The intention is to keep the prices as low as possible so each and every one can come here and enjoy Silence, Peace and Healthy Vegetarian Food for as long as one wishes.

The center is immersed in the Forest and it looks over the valley. Here you can enjoy long Walks, Birdsong, variety of Plants, Flowers and…meet Colibri (hummingbirds).


To discover these multiple riches, you are welcome to wander the various trails.


Everything is made here in a way so that you can feel comfortable, safe and at home.



terrace meditation center san cristobal
Enjoy nature, simplicity and comfort... as well as delicious healthy food


The Main House is made of mostly Natural Materials: wood and brick. It has a Spacious Meditation hall of 100 square meters with a wooden floor and lots of huge windows through which you can enjoy a Panoramic Peaceful View over the valley and forest.

In the same building there is a Kitchen and Dining Room in a traditional Mexican style, as well as 3 shared Bathrooms, 3 small dorms (for max. 2 pers. in each) and 2 spacious twin Rooms with private terrace.

There are large Terraces, both covered and opened, where you can relax and Enjoy Nature.

There are also some Private Cabins (Cabañas) for those who wish stay on-site but more isolated. Some cabins are equipped in order to have a possibility to cook your own food and have a terrace with a view over the valley.

There are also Hammocks on the grounds as well as some Beautiful Spots where you can meditate alone.

On site there is also a Garden where we grow Organic Veggies and Fruits.




Resting in the healing power of nature, in the heart of Mayan culture...

The retreat center is situated in the Forest, in the mountains of Chiapas (Mexico) which is a region of authentic Maya culture and plenty of Natural Beauty. 

The house is situated just 10 min away by car from ancient colonial town San Cristobal de las Casas which is famous for its beautiful historical center and for being a cultural center where traditions from all over the world meet in Music, Food and Art.

This area has a very balanced climate: situated in an altitude of 2200m, the temperature here is 18-25 degrees C (64-77 F) the whole year round, which makes it an ideal place for Relaxation

and Meditation

Here, in a quiet and Beautiful Pine Forest, we have created this small but very cosy place which is ideal for Silent Meditation, Group Retreats or an Individual Solitary Retreat.


  • Dark Room Retreats - Upon Request
    Dark Room Retreats - Upon Request
    A solitary retreat in complete darkness: an opportunity to dive deeper with yourSelf and to strengthen your meditation practice.
  • Personal Solitary Retreat - Upon Request
    Personal Solitary Retreat - Upon Request
    "Silence is the language God speaks and anything else is a bad translation,” - Thomas Keating

“I searched for God

and found only myself.

I searched for myself and found only God.”

― Rumi

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