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10-day Meditation, Pranayama&Breathwork Retreat


With Kyle Brooks and Sasha Medvedovskaya.

Breath Is perhaps the oldest and most widely recognized tool utilized in the process of spiritual transformation.
Whether in the form of simple breath awareness meditation, powerfully energizing Yogic pranayama techniques, or as an aid in the practice of mantra recitation and prayer, conscious forms of breathing are incorporated into almost every spiritual and contemplative tradition.

In modern times the power of conscious breathing has been recognised for its health and wellbeing benefits and has made its way to the forefront of todays alternative therapy scene for everything from trauma therapy to enhancing altheltic performance to improving sleep quality and assisting in the treatment of serious diseases.

“Tell me, what is God?

- He is the breath inside the breath.”


Discover your Buddha nature during your

This retreat combines a modern therapeutic approach to the breath in the form of group breathwork sessions with the more advanced and subtle practices of yogic Pranayama and Pranavidya.

You will learn, practice and experience:​

The secrets of deep breathing
Methods for calming and balancing the nervous system
Techniques for stimulating and charging the nervous system to increase focus and concentration
Ways of developing awareness of and influence over the major energy channels and centres
The breath as an anchor for meditation and transcendence of the rational/analytical mind


Price & Food & Accomodation

  • Course Fee -  390 USD  

  • Meals (3 per day ) - 145 USD

  • Accomodation per 11 nights:

    • Option #1: a single bed in dorm (1 bunk bed  - max.2 people per room): 110 USD

    • Option #2: a single bed in a twin room with shared bathroom and private terrace  209 USD

    • Option #3: a single bed in a twin cain with Private bathroom, private terrace and panoramic view 259 USD

“I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found only God.”



07.00-09.00 - Practice
10.00-12.00 - Rest and Breakfast
12.00 - 14.00 - Lecture and Practice 
14.00-16.00 - Rest and Lunch
16.00-18.30 - Lecture and Practice
18.45-19.30 - Dinner

“Knowing others is intelligence;
knowing yourself is true wisdom. 

― Lao Tzu
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