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Descend with the view while ascending with the conduct.
It is most essential to practice these two as a unity.

Personal Solitary/Darkroom retreats

Design your own retreat with us.

We offer a comfortable safe space and support for your Individual Retreat. You decide on the number of days, your accommodation, and how many delicious healthy meals you would like to be served each day.

On request, we also offer support in your personal practice, individual yoga/meditation classes and Spiritual advice.​  Join our family!

 Design your own retreat with us

And we will take care of you.

Group Meditation&Yoga Retreats and Workshops

Retreat in the Peace of Your Inner Being

Our 3–Days and 10-Days Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreats give you the opportunity to develop a deeper and more intimate connection with the Spiritual Heart, the very core of your being. This awareness allows you to enjoy Happiness and Peace wherever you are, no matter the conditions.

Our retreats allow you to directly experience the profound inner transformation that Meditation brings. During your time in silence, you will explore many aspects of the Spiritual Heart. Practices are drawn from a variety of traditions, including Yoga, Buddhism, and Sufism.

No previous meditation or yoga experience is necessary to benefit from a retreat.

Joining one of our workshops lets you explore inspiring spiritual subjects in an accessible, practical way and to start integrating your daily life into the Spirituality, which, as we know, is what truly matters.



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  • Dark Room Retreats - Upon Request
    Dark Room Retreats - Upon Request
    A solitary retreat in complete darkness: an opportunity to dive deeper with yourSelf and to strengthen your meditation practice.
  • Personal Solitary Retreat - Upon Request
    Personal Solitary Retreat - Upon Request
    "Silence is the language God speaks and anything else is a bad translation,” - Thomas Keating




What you are looking for is what is looking.


St.Francis d'Assis

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