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Embodied Spirituality
7 Day Retreat

Somatic Meditation to Awaken and Live The Innate Wisdom of Your Body
With Kyle & Sasha
Upcoming Dates


After years of watching people use spiritual practice to avoid their lives, and then complain about not making progress or living a full life, we decided to create a retreat packed full of ass kicking answers and profound wisdom.

Get into your fucking Body. 

thats bascially the theme of this bitch

“I saw grief drinking a cup of sorrow

and called out, 

It tastes sweet, does it not?


You have caught me, grief answered,

and you have ruined my business.


How can I sell sorrow, 

when you know it's a blessing?”


Learn to Live with an Open Heart

The Foundation of this work is the all-embracing love that is the fundamental nature of any human being.


The Journey we will embark upon together utilizes individual and group therapeutic healing techniques. We will also explore effective spiritual practices deepening embodiment and the recognition of your Self as awareness as opposed to the psychological character in your mind. The journey unfolds in a tightly held container guided by qualified and experienced facilitators.


The Fruit of this journey is Trust.

Through learning to create safety within yourself, through learning how to hold yourself, you will learn how to trust yourself and Trust in life. Trust is the fundamental power of the heart, of pure presence. It is through the radiant and majestic power of the open heart that the life we are living and the person that we are become the journey home.

From all-embracing love comes All-Embracing Love.


Learn the alchemical arts energetic sublimation and the transmutation of emotions into profound presence, deep peace and pure power. Awaken to the human that you are, the divinity that you are and the life that you were put here to unfold through your being.


Buddha taught that suffering is the direct consequence of a lack of understanding. In this retreat, you’ll work with spiritual practices and techniques from yoga and modern psychology (see below) to experience a shift in perspective and a deepening in love.


Price & Food & Accommodation

Course Fee: 10,900MXN  

Accomodation: ​

  • Option #1: a single bed in dorm (bunk beds): 2,600MXN

  • Option #2: a single bed in a twin room with shared bathroom and private terrace: 4,320MXN

Meals: 3,410MXN


w/Option 1: 16,910MXN

w/Option 2: 18,630MXN


Each Morning, Diving into the Body.

We will explore powerful breathwork practices to open up the energy channels of the body and calm the mind (literally shutting off the prefrontal cortex, or rational thinking mind).


Then we will explore the limits of the body and the boundaries between the body and mind. Using a series of Tantric/Somatic meditation practices we will cultivate a profound sense of spaciousness and alive presence in the body.


After Breakfast, the Theory.

There will be discourses and group discussion in which we will gradually unfold to you the theoretical aspects related to:

  • The nature of suffering and the subconscious mind.

  • Subtle anatomy of the energetic, emotional and psychological layers of our beings.

  • Exactly how to understand and relate to our buried subconscious pain.

  • The power of the heart. The potential to sublimate and transmute pain and suffering into clarity, understanding and love through pure presence.

  • Self awareness, self acceptance, self love

  • How all of these aspects fit seamlessly into the vision of non-duality


Theory in Practice

Following this we will make the theory practical. We’ll explore simple group exercises and individual practices that can help to taste and embody the knowledge shared in the discussions.


After Lunch, Practical Therapy

After lunch we will briefly introduce, and then practice at length a series of psychotherapeutic methods. These will be practiced in pairs or in small groups. The intention here is that by the end of the retreat you will be able to do these practices with yourself. Empowering you to become your own therapist.


Evenings, Back to the Body

In the evenings we will again explore subtle somatic meditation and gentle breathing practices. These practices increase somatic awareness and sensitivity. Allowing us to tune into the subtle movements of energies and emotions.


Morning Session 1

08:00 - 09:30 - Morning Practice

09:30 - Breakfast

Morning Session 2

10:30 - 11:30 - Discourse

11:30 - 12:30 - Theory in Practice

13:00 - Lunch

Afternoon Session 1

15:00 - Practical Instruction

15:30 - 18:00 - 1:1/Group Practice

18:30 - Dinner

Evening Session

19:30 - 20:15 - Evening Practice

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