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Jul 18, 2023 - Sep 23, 2023

IC02 8 Week Meditation Retreat Integration Course

  • 68Days
  • 16Steps


For those who have sat at least 1 Hridaya Yoga 10 day silent meditation retreat, we offer you this 8 week journey into the heart, from the comfort of your own home. The intention behind this course is twofold: 1. To support you every step along the way towards stabilizing a daily meditation practice. 2. To offer support in the process of integrating your daily life into the spiritual understanding that was born in you during your retreat. It is not uncommon to open to incredibly profound and inspiring insights and perspectives on yourself, your life and the world during a 10 day period of intensive meditation. However it can be challenging to keep that flame of insight and inspiration alive when returning to your regular life. This course is an opportunity to connect with other practitioners, to review the core teachings of Hridaya Yoga and to explore how life looks from this new perspective. We will cover all of your favorite topics from the 10 day silent meditation retreat, like self-love, surrender, trust, self inquiry, living with an open heart. We will also address some of the more challenging deeply practical arenas of life, such a relationships, discovering and living your purpose and your relationship with the physical body. If you've completed at least one retreat and are eager to sustain your practice, or to reconnect with what you felt in the retreat and learn to LIVE IT, This course is for YOU.

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